Tech: Scholarships for Computer Science students in the UK

The following list of scholarships is provided by firms to UK students studying computer science to attract new talent to the field. This is by no means a comprehensive list; you may browse the Kobopawa Scholarship Hub for other financial possibilities.

1. Women in Tech University Scholarship

This scholarship is open to female students from the United Kingdom pursuing their A-levels in Year 13 and thinking about a career in technology. You should live close to Knutsford and strive to attend a prestigious institution to study computer science or a similar field. At A-level, you should aim for AAA marks or higher.

2. Scholarship at One Stop

Open to kids who reside in high-poverty areas (financial, social, or economic) within a 2-mile radius of a one-stop shop in England or Wales. You need to have the offer to enroll in a university program connected to technology. Being the first member of your family to attend college, you will have attended a public school.

3. Amazon Future Engineer Bursary

Available to female students in the United Kingdom who have completed at least one A-level in a STEM subject and have been offered a place in a computer science or related engineering course at a university. Along with having at least one parent or guardian receiving state assistance (not child benefit if this is the sole benefit being received), you must also have been eligible for free school meals from the time you began your post-16 education.

4. Google Europe Scholarship for students with disabilities

7,000 euros will be awarded to disabled students studying computer science at any institution who can show that they have a significant interest in computers and technology, together with good leadership and academic ability.

5. AIAS Foundation Scholarships

A profession in any area of game creation, including but not limited to art, animation, programming, engineering, game directing, game design, sound design, law, marketing, or business administration, is required of applicants for the AIAS Foundation Scholarship. Those with less than two years of experience in the video game business, as well as freshmen, are also eligible to apply. accessible to students at globally recognized colleges.

6. IET Diamond Scholarship

Candidates must have received ABB marks at the A-level and be enrolled in an honors program approved by IET (not supported by the NHS). Civil engineering, computer science, electronic and electrical engineering, materials technology (not specifically mentioned), mechanical engineering, and technologies are among the courses that qualify.

7. IET Horizons Bursary

Anybody enrolled in a university course authorized by IET or in an apprenticeship approved by IET is eligible for the IET Horizons Bursary Program. The bursary is open to anyone who is experiencing or has previously encountered personal challenges as well as financial difficulties.

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