Taiwan Scholarship for International Students 2024 | Fully Funded

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The Taiwan Scholarship is ideal if you’re searching for top universities and thousands of scholarships in various academic subjects, such as science, the arts, engineering, management, etc. All that is required to be eligible for a scholarship is to apply. Taiwanese universities give top-achieving students nearly 2,000.

The application process for a scholarship is simple. It is not necessary to get in touch with any professors to obtain an acceptance letter. The simplest way to gain admission to Taiwan is through a scholarship. Many applicants are unaware of these scholarships available in Taiwan. 

Benefits of Taiwan Scholarship for International Students 2024–25

Completely funded Scholarship 2024/25 by the Government of Taiwan are Free Scholarships to seek after a Master’s or PhD Degree from Taiwan. It’ll cover all the costs to total the degree. Detail is given underneath:

  • No Registration Fee.
  • Complete Tuition Fee.
  • Monthly stipend TWD 6,000/month for 12 months.

Scholarship Duration

The scholarship duration of these Scholarships will be from 1 Year or 2 Years.

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How To Apply for  National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. 

  • As a candidate, register for only ONE account (let your e-mail address be your username) on the application portal.
  • Next, verify your e-mail address and fill in the necessary information. You are to choose a maximum of three departments/institutes. 
  • Please, upload all required and department/institution additional required documents to the corresponding category (please use PDF formats only)
  • Pay the application fee of NT$2,000 by bank transfering or credit card.
  • Before submitting application, double-check if all information and documents are provided correctly.
  • The recommenders will send you a notification email after you submit your application.

– For facilitating two recommendation letters, there are 3 ways listed below to provide, as long as there are minimum TWO recommendation letters in your application. 

  1. Upload it yourself.
  2. Upload or fill out the content provided by your recommenders via the link provided in the notification email.
  3. Invited recommenders in your application can email the letter to us, and we can help upload it.

Fall 2024 Application

Starts: 20 January 20, 2024

Last Date: March 30, 2024


Spring 2025 Application

Starts: July 8, 2024

Last Date: September 30, 2024


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