Kyoto University of Advanced Science Scholarships 2021

Established in the year 1897, Kyoto University is a national university located in Kyoto, Japan. it is the second oldest university in Japan. The university is ranked amongst the top two in Japan and Asia. The institution strives hard to help its students in many ways; one of which is financial aids and scholarships. Kyoto University of Advanced Science offers masters and doctorate degree scholarships to international students for the year 2021.

Selection Method

Once a student is selected to receive a scholarship, their performance is reviewed each semester based on their academic performance as well as evaluations from their teachers. Students who are awarded scholarships are expected to maintain exceptional academic performance while also acting as a model for other students. If a student fails to maintain a high level of academic performance or is found to have behaved in a way that damages the reputation of KUAS, their scholarship may be subject to revocation.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Applicants must be International students
  2. Applicants must be admitted into masters or doctoral degree program.
  3. The award is available for masters or doctoral in Engineering courses offered at the University.
  4. Applicants must be eager to tackle contemporary problems and find solutions that contribute to the future of society on a global scale;
  5. Have a comprehensive understanding of fields related to mechanical and electrical engineering; and
  6. Must be motivated to confront a multitude of issues by developing scientific and academic expertise in their chosen specializations.
  7. Must have obtained a master’s degree or equivalent qualification with specialized knowledge in fields related to mechanical and electrical engineering;
  8. You must meet the minimum required score in place to ensure your level of English proficiency. To confirm which tests we accept and the applicable minimum scores.
  9. All applicants must contact the Admission Office through the online form in order to obtain prior consent from at least one prospective supervisor before submitting the application.

Scholarship Benefits

  1. Tuition exemption (100%)
  2. Admission fee exemption (100%)
  3. Stipend (for personal expenses) 1,200,000 JPY/year

Summary of Scholarship

University: Kyoto University of Advanced Science

Country: Japan

Study Level: MSc and PhD

Funding: Full tuition fee

Closing date: February 26, 2021

Application Link:

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