Health Technology  – All You Need To Know About It

Table Of Contents:

  • What Is Health Technology
  • Benefits Of Health Technology
  • Health And Wellness Apps.
  • Conclusion 

What Is Health Technology? 

Health technology is a system that assists healthcare which only focuses on providing information, safety, and cost-effectiveness. It involves a wide range of innovations that include technical health records, telemedicine, health wearable devices, and health applications.

Benefits Of Health Technology

 The use of technology in healthcare is transforming the industry, giving individuals patient care with numerous benefits which include:

  1.  Improve Patient Care

Health technology is on a mission of increasing patient engagement, allowing health professionals to access patient information effortlessly. For instance, health applications; this application is designed to promote health and well-being. These provide a variety of services and tools such as breathing monitors, health trackers, calorie checks, personalized health information, etc.

Health practitioners can keep track of patient health and keep records of information such as illness information, levels, and treatment plans. Advanced health applications, help the patient access his health history and take his treatment seriously, enjoy supportive care from the online community, and enhance the patient recovery key.

  1. Enhance Patience Education

When it comes to health-related cases, it has been confirmed by the health professional that it takes longer for patients to understand, especially older patients. Not that they haven’t been educated by their physicians, it’s because health language takes time and everyday explanation to understand which isn’t promised by our doctors. 

Technology has provided accessible platforms to help patients learn and stay updated. Recently, Patient Point and Digital Health Coalition estimated that 80% of physicians believed patient education and engagement technology would enhance patient knowledge.

 90% of individuals have recently announced that they are using patient education technology tools to improve treatment and stay updated on their health and well-being. 

  1. Cost Flexibility

Medical cost in Nigeria is over 200 billion a year; with effective use of health technology. For instance, wearable dives that remind patients when to take their medication will result in health improvement which will reduce spending on medication creating cost flexibility.

In the U.S., medical and clinical bills cost $20 billion per year while the shift from paper to medical EMR in clinics can reduce the costs of outpatient care by 3%. Leveraging health technology to improve prescription and avoid diagnosis errors, with the analysis above, it is estimated to be $5.14 savings per month for each patient. 

  1. Preventive Health

Just as the wise man said, “Prevention is better than cure.” Leveraging health technology will likely prevent measures and encourage individuals to monitor and manage their health. 

Fitness applications, for instance, will help you burn calories, stay healthy, and strong. Exercising helps us sweat, and sweating is a natural process that plays a crucial role in our body by regulating body temperature, maintaining body electrolyte balance and  keeping the body hydrated. It helps to provide defense against some microbial to our body. 

Especially for orderly patients, it’s advisable to participate in minor exercises to help them stay strong and healthy and physicians have confirmed this to be 100% true.

  1. Improvement in nutrition and Diet

Health technology assists individuals in managing their nutrition by offering features such as calorie tracking, meal balance, and dietary advice. This contributes to healthier eating habits and it helps keep the users on track.

To be fair, these are not all the benefits of health technology but still enough to educate you on the impact health technology is making in today’s world. 

  • Health And Well-being Applications

Categories of Applications Supporting Our Healthy Living And Well-being.

Let’s look at some different categories of applications supporting our healthy living and well-being.

  1. Myfitnesspal

This is a fitness and exercise application that helps keep track of physical activities, monitor sleep, and provide personal fitness knowledge.

Features: Calorie tracking and nutrition monitoring. 

Benefits:  is used for tracking calories and keeping fit

  1. Yazio

This is a nutrition application that provides meal plans, calorie tracking, and nutrition advice.

Features: Nutrition plan and meal tracking. 

Benefit:Benefits it helps individuals achieve their dietary goals.keep. 

  1. Fitness headspace
  2. Headspace 

is a mental wellness application that provides guided meditation and mindfulness exercises for stress reduction and keeps you in a healthy state of mind. 

Features: it is a guide for medication and mindfulness exercise. 

BenefitsBenefit: it’s recommended for stress reduction and mental wellness. 

  1. Ada Health

This is a highly recommended application that assists in understanding symptoms and information about health conditions.

Features: Symptoms assessment and health information application. 

Benefits: it helps usersBenefit:   i check symptoms and seek early health guidance. 

  1. Doctor On Demand

This helps individuals receive free virtual consultations with health practitioners.

Feature: virtual health assistance.virtual talk with health actitioners. 

BenefitBenefit: Easy access to medical advice and prescriptions. 

  1. Pillpack

Pillpack is an application that reminds users of medication doses and simplifies medication uses by organizing prescriptions for daily intake.

Features: Medication management and prescription delivery. 

Benefits: BenefitMedication organization. 

  1. Lose it

It helps in setting guidelines, tracking calorie intake, and providing dietary information. 

Features: Calories tracking, Nutrition Analysis, and weight management.

Benefit: BenefitIt helps individuals seeking to lose weight and maintain healthy living. 

  1. Amwell 

For virtual visits with your doctor for medical check-ups, Amwell is highly recommended.

Features: Virtual health care consultation. 

Benefits:Benefit it promotes medical assistance for non-emergency cases. 

  1. WebMD

This is an application that provides various health information, symptom checker, and medication information. 

Features: Wellness tool, health information, and symptoms assessing. 

Benefit:Benefit: Promoting wellness, and gathering health information. 

  1. Calm 

The calm application offers relaxation tools such as stories, and meditation to promote mental well-being and reduce stress.  

Features: Guided meditation, sleep stories, and relaxation tools.

Benefits: stress reduction, sleeping improvement, and mindfulness practice. 


In today’s world, technology has indeed revolutionized the healthcare industry, providing an easy system to not just patients but also to health professors. As the field continues to evolve, health has provided a platform to help individuals achieve their health goals.    

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