Dartmouth College King Scholarship 2024 | Fully Funded 

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The King Scholarship 2024 at Dartmouth College targets low-income students from developing countries who are motivated to reduce poverty in their native countries

King Scholars at Dartmouth are awarded four-year scholarships that cover living expenses, a laptop, travel expenses, and free healthcare.

The King Scholarship recipients at Dartmouth College also gain access to intensive leadership development programs and coaching.

We will go over the prerequisites, advantages, and detailed steps for applying for the Dartmouth College Kings Scholarship in this post. 

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The King Scholarship at Dartmouth College equips young academics from poor nations with the skills necessary to lead the fight against global poverty in the future.

In Hanover, New Hampshire, USA, there is a private Ivy League research university called Dartmouth College.

With the help of Dartmouth’s alumni network, all King Scholars will return home after graduation to address the challenges of poverty.

The King Scholarship 2024 at Dartmouth College is intended to help students who are:

  • active members of their communities.
  • dedicated to bringing forth constructive change.
  • dedicated to reducing poverty within their nations.
  • able to thrive at a prestigious American university.
  • tenacious in achieving their goals and fluent in English.

Benefits of the King Scholarship at Dartmouth College

First and foremost, as a King Scholar, you will receive four years of free tuition at Dartmouth for yourself and your family. The package includes:

  • Health insurance, 
  • Tuition, housing, 
  • A new computer for the first year, and 
  • Yearly travel between Dartmouth and the your home nation.
  • Robust assistance. 
  • You will receive academic mentorship throughout their time at Dartmouth, as well as pre-orientation support and mentoring services to ease the transition to college.
  • In your first year, First Year Student Enrichment, a comprehensive program that equips students to tackle numerous obstacles, is a requirement for all King Scholars. 
  • They also belong to a tight-knit, encouraging group of students and scholars.

How to Apply for a Scholarship at Dartmouth College

Lastly, the King Scholarship at Dartmouth University will consider all qualified international applicants. Please follow the steps listed below to apply for the scholarship:

  • Click on “Apply to Dartmouth.”.
  • Select “Apply Now.”
  • To make an early admission decision, click
  • Use the “Common App” to submit your application moving forward. 
  • Make a common app. Take Account
  • Enter your information.
  • Continue uploading all the necessary files.


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