AWS with Python Developer

in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. We are looking for an AWS Python developer.

Our software engineers must comprehend what motivates our clients before they can write a single line of code. What kind of surroundings exist? What is the basis for the user story? To implement something is to try, test, and refine results until a workable solution appears. The exchange of knowledge entails conversations with peers worldwide.

Job Description for AWS with Python Developer Role:

So, the following are the job description for the role of a Python developer:

  • Creating and delivering product components in compliance with organizational quality standards and customer requirements. The tasks that need to be completed are as follows:
  • Analyzing requirements and designing software solutions in accordance with architectural and design specifications.
  • Adding features and/or fixing bugs and providing high-quality, timely solutions that adhere to coding standards.
  • Determining and putting into practice unit and integration tests to make sure the solution satisfies customer needs and that the product’s quality and security standards are met.
  • Conducting code reviews and creating and supporting pertinent documentation (specifications for requirements, designs, and tests).
  • Ensuring that the solution is integrated and submitted within the agreed-upon delivery timelines to the software configuration management system.
  • Regularly coordinating technical matters with stakeholders, reviewing them, and making sure that any necessary escalations are reported on time.

Job Requirements and Abilities For The Role

Additionally, here are the job requirements and abilities for the role of an AWS with Python developer:

  • Seven to eight years of software engineering work experience, primarily in the development of professional software products. 
  • Proficiency in Python coding and AWS.
  • He should be adaptable enough to work with and learn any programming language as needed.
  • It’s beneficial to have prior QBT file creation experience.

• skilled in report creation, data transformation, and data integration.

• Skilled at using AWS Glue, S3, Lambda, and a pipeline to load files from various sources in different file formats. The pipeline also includes multiple transformations for data sanitization with new components using Terraform.

• Familiarity with Datadog.

• Added knowledge of drill-through, drill-down, and filtering capabilities for improved user interaction;

• Used Power Query to transform and clean data, making sure it’s ready for consumption.

• Having a strong understanding of cross-platform rendering issues between major browsers and platforms is advantageous;

• Experience in software product release management. 

• And lastly, the need to be proficient in analysis, debugging, and tracing. should be knowledgeable about the DRY and KISS clean code principles. It is good to be exposed to secure coding. 


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