Application Support Engineer (Vacancy)

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Siemens Industry Software Inc. seeks a professional application support software engineer to join their tech team. The work mode is remote.

Requirements For The Role Of The Application Support Engineer

The Application Support Engineer role requires training or experience in a number of fields, such as:

  • A master’s degree in electrical engineering, a related field, or its international equivalent is required by the employer.
  • Transmission line theory and its application to printed circuit board (PCB) layout, as well as termination strategies.
  • grasp of the fundamentals of electromagnetic interference (EMI).
  • Capacity to use EDA simulation software to run simulations on printed circuit boards (PCBs).
  • understanding of transmission line effects and EMI modeling.
  • knowledge of SPICE and S-parameters.
  • ability to control target applications. 

Job Description For The Position

As an application support engineer for Siemens Industry Software Inc., here is what is expected of you:

  • To provide customers with technical support.
  • To enable customers to make productive use of their investment in products.
  • To handle cases regularly, demonstrating advanced knowledge of their field.
  • To assist junior engineers who will be working on cases.
  • To conduct research, re-use, and improve existing knowledgebase content.
  • To create new knowledgebase content where appropriate.
  • To review and publish content.
  • To curate the published content.
  • To communicate software and hardware problems to development.
  • To help in documenting requests to enhance software and hardware functionality for product development, where applicable. 


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