2 Top Coding Bootcamps for You

Are you interested in coding? Do you desire to begin your career in technology? If yes, I suggest you sign up for a coding bootcamp. I have made it easy for you by bringing 2 top coding boot camps your way! 

In these coding bootcamps, learners are trained in web development, programming, software engineering, and data science. 

Students frequently enroll in bootcamps to begin their careers in technology, and some of the best tech bootcamps guarantee jobs to students who meet the requirements. 

In the event that, within a predetermined timeframe (usually six to twelve months), you do not receive a qualifying job offer, your tuition will be refunded by the bootcamp.

To be eligible for a tuition refund, however, there’s usually a catch: you’ll probably have to fulfill pages of requirements. Even a job offer you don’t want may need to be accepted. 

2 Top Coding Bootcamps for You

1. BERKELEY CODING BOOT CAMPUniversity of California, Berkeley

Our web development program at Berkeley Coding Boot Camp prepares you for success in the working world by teaching you the essential programming skills for front-end and back-end web development.



Get Web Development Skills in 12 or 24 Weeks by Learning to Code

You will be taught In-demand front end and back end technologies  through a fast-paced, immersive curriculum.


What Is a Job Guarantee for a Bootcamp?

If, after graduating, you are unable to secure employment in your field, boot camps that offer job guarantees will reimburse your tuition. A job guarantee, also referred to as a tuition guarantee, promises that you won’t have to pay anything if, following the bootcamp, you don’t get an offer for a suitable position.

Once your bootcamp is over, you’ll work with career advisors to apply for jobs as part of the job guarantee. You will take out a loan to cover the bootcamp’s tuition costs with most tuition guarantees. You won’t ever have to repay the loan if you are unemployed in your field.

Even though bootcamps typically cost less than traditional college degrees, they can still be quite expensive; the median tuition for coding bootcamps, for example, is $9,500.

So if you’re wondering how to pay for your bootcamp, the prospect of a tuition refund might sound quite appealing.

What’s the deal? It’s difficult to be eligible for a tuition refund. Before you can even enroll in the bootcamp, you’ll need to fulfill a lengthy list of requirements, some of which may include geographic and educational limitations. For example, some bootcamps only guarantee employment in specific metro areas.

After that, you’ll need to fulfill the program’s requirements for technical proficiency. Lastly, you might need to finish particular job search assignments. These could include networking, skill development, job applications, and other career-focused activities. Additionally, you might no longer be eligible for your tuition refund if you reject a job offer that meets the requirements.

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